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Bali NeatPleat Sheer Shades

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Westport 1" Pleat
  Opacity: Sheer
Shades over 72" will be made with fabric overlap.
Almost White
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Shark Fin
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Peanut Butter
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Grape Leaf
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Avalon 1" Pleat
  Opacity: Sheer
Cream Froth
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Waffle Cone
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Iced Tea
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Options & UpgradesReturn to Top
Standard Cordlock
Standard cord control includes a color-coordinated cord and controls that can be placed on the right (standard) or left side. Optional safety cord cleat keeps the cord out of reach for children and pets to eliminate dangling cord hazards.

Cordless Lift
Ideal for homes with children or pets, the cordless lift system eliminates dangling cord hazards of traditional cord-controlled window treatments. The cordless lift system also provides a cleaner, more orderly appearance. Add a telescoping sky pole for convenient operation of hard-to-reach shades.

Corded Bottom-Up/Top-Down
Option allows you to lower the shade from the top or raise it from the bottom to maintain privacy while permitting natural light to enter. Perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Continuous Cord Loop
The continuous-loop lift system provides easy operation of window treatments. A powerful clutch lifts the shade and holds it steady without the cord loop changing length. Included safety tension device keeps the cord out of reach for children and pets to eliminate dangling cord hazards.

Radio Frequency Motorization
Available with Radio Frequency (RF) only. Allows for easy operation of hard-to-reach or large windows. Efficiently manages energy (heat gain and loss). Provides safety, no external cords. RF motorization allows shade operation from virtually anywhere in the house without direct line of site. Operates multiple cellular shades simultaneously or individually.
  • Must select one power supply option.
  • One remote can control multiple shades.
  • Shades over 3600 (25 sq. ft.) require two battery wands. Shades that fall within this may be subject to additional wand cost.

Cordless Top-Down/Bottom-Up
Add extra light control with top-down bottom-up without the mess of extra cords! Shades are controlled by clear handles to keep rails clean and smudge-free.

Allows a small amount of light to enter the room for a greater sense of privacy. Inside objects appear as shadows.
  • Maximum fabric width 60". Shades over 60" will have fabric overlap to accommodate size.

    Midnight Liner
    Prevents light from entering for a high level of light control with maximum privacy, preventing even silhouettes from showing through. Due to construction of the shade, light will filter through the rout holes even with Midnight Liner.
    • Maximum fabric width 72". Shades over 72" will have fabric overlap to accommodate size.

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      Description & FeaturesReturn to Top
      Bali Neat Pleat Pleated Shades feature a unique back-ladder design that prevents pleats from sagging or stretching over time. Bali Neat Pleat Pleated Shades are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to add texture and dynamic color to a room. Available in a range of fresh, on-trend colors.
      Child Safe Options
      Blackout Options

      • Neat Pleat loop tape ensures consistent pleat spacing from top to bottom for a perfect, tailored look.; pleats won
      • Fabric ilners changes privacy level of any fabric to either private or room darkening.
      • Aluminum headrail system is strong, yet lightweight. Color-coordinated to fabric and rust proof.
      • Popular soft fabric styling at an affordable price.
      • Backed by the Bali limited-lifetime warranty.

      Detailed Specifications Return to Top
      The following information insures a proper fit for installation of your new window covering treatments. Mounting requirements below are for standard options. Mounting requirements may vary based on the selected options.
      Inside Mount Minimum Depth 5/8 " Outside Mount Flat Surface Height 0 "
      Inside Flush Mount Minimum Depth 1 7/8 " Inside Mount Width Deductions 3/8 "
      Specifications may vary based on the selected color and upgrades.
      Continuous Cord Loop
      Minimum Width 17 " Minimum Height 6 "
      Maximum Width 120 " Maximum Height 120 "
      Corded Bottom-Up/Top-Down
      Minimum Width 12 1/8 " Minimum Height 9 "
      Maximum Width 72 " Maximum Height 120 "
      Cordless Lift
      Minimum Width 12 " Minimum Height 6 "
      Maximum Width 96 " Maximum Height 86 "
      Cordless Top-Down/Bottom-Up
      Minimum Width 15 " Minimum Height 12 "
      Maximum Width 72 " Maximum Height 86 "
      Radio Frequency Motorization
      Minimum Width 20 " Minimum Height 9 "
      Maximum Width 120 " Maximum Height 96 "
      Standard Cordlock
      Minimum Width 12 " Minimum Height 6 "
      Maximum Width 120 " Maximum Height 96 "
      Multiple Blinds Per Headrail
      Maximum Width 2-on-1 120 " Maximum Width 3-on-1 120 "
      The following methods can be safely used to clean your new window covering treatments.
      Dusting Hand-Held Vacuuming
      Compressed Air Spot-Cleaning
      Bath tub Cleaning/Water Immersion Ultrasonic Cleaning
      Injection/Extraction Cleaning Steaming
      Measure & Installation Return to Top
      Measuring Tips
      • All of's window fashions are custom fabricated according to the dimensions given on your order.
      • Measurements must be exact to ensure a proper fit. For this reason measure to the nearest 1/8".
      • Always measure the exact window intended for the blind. Every window in your home is a unique opening and may differ in exact measurements.
      • For accurate measurements always use a 3/4" or 1" steel tape measure.
      • To eliminate mistakes first measure the width and write it down then measure the height and write it down.
      • Do not take any deductions for mounting clearance on inside mounts. Deductions will be taken by the manufacturers at the factory.
      • Please read the rest of our measuring guides and download our measuring worksheet. Links can be found below.

      Printable Measuring Guides and Worksheet

      Installation Guides