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Measuring and installation is easier then most people imagine, but if you don't have the time, don't feel comfortable, or have a difficult job, we make finding a local contractor is easier then ever!

Nationwide Blind Installation, Inc. (NBI) provides both measuring and installation through a network of pre-screened contractors. The best part is most guarantee their work so you can be assured your measurements and/or installation will go as planned. Simply enter your zip code below to locate a contractor in your area and see estimated pricing.

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* is not affiliated with NBI and professionals in the NBI network are not employees or agents of Installation and measuring is not guaranteed by Please review NBI terms of use and Legal Notices regarding the terms and conditions governing their service. Before scheduling an install it is recommended you inspect your packages for shipping damage and order accuracy. is not responsible for additional work or trips that might arise due to order accuracy, shipping damage, remakes, repairs, or shortages.