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Bali Northern Heights 1" Wood Blinds


Bali Northern Heights 1" Wood Blinds

PRESIDENT'S DAY SAVINGS EVENT! Up to 40% off Bali blinds and shades. Sale ends Feb 25.
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PRESIDENT'S DAY SAVINGS EVENT! Up to 40% off Bali blinds and shades. Sale ends Feb 25.
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Available Colors & Samples
Picket Fence 0051
Picket Fence
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Snowstorm 0318
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Winter 0837
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Heirloom 0026
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Heron Grey 0841
Heron Grey
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Natural 0036
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Wheatfields 0850
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Maple 0039
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Regal Oak 0038
Regal Oak
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Majestic Walnut 0041
Majestic Walnut
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Teriyaki 0694
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Options & Upgrades
Corded Controls
The standard control system uses a lift cord and cord lock to raise and lower the blind. The slats are tilted open and closed with the choice of a cord or wand (when available).
Standard Tassel
Standard wood tassels are color coordinated to your blind.
Flaired Tassel
2-1/4" long, genuine hardwood tassel painted or stained to match the color of the blind.
Antique Brass Tassel
1" exclusive antique brass tassels ideal with medium and dark stains and paints.
Nickel Tassel
1" exclusive nickel tassels ideal with light stains and paints.
Standard Valance
A matching 3" wood valance comes standard on most Bali Northern Heights Wood Blinds. Add a keystone for a personalized touch.
Premium Eloquence Valance
Add a decorative touch with the Eloquence Valance. Not available on Northern Heights Ash or Bamboo or the 1" slat size.
Premium Traditional Valance
Add a decorative touch with the Traditional Valance. Keystones are available to add an elegant touch to any window, and will be spaced evenly across the valance.
Modern Valance
The 3-1/2" Modern Valance offers a flat face and clean lines to coordinate perfectly with modern trims and moldings
Description & Features
Natural and inviting, Bali Northern Heights wood blinds add warmth and richness to any decor. Crafted from North American hardwoods and hand-assembled, our meticulous attention to detail ensures the highest level of quality craftsmanship. Crafted exclusively from North American hardwoods, we use sustainable forest management techniques to continuously replenish our wood supplies. Wood is kiln-dried to meet exact specifications; ensures slat and vane stability. Quality, defect free surfaces result from unique molding and sanding processes. Our certified color technicians inspect wood finishes in a climate-controlled setting. 1" Northern Heights Wood Blinds feature a contemporary slat size proportionally ideal for small windows or windows with limited depth.

Eco Friendly
Energy Efficient

  • Choose from a wide variety of decorative colors and designer finishes.
  • Crafted predominately of North American hardwood for a lifetime of beauty.
  • Includes color-coordinated ladders, cord and tassels.
  • The compact 1" by 1-1/2" headrail provides a slim profile for french doors and shallow windows.
  • Includes standard decorative 3" valance.
  • The patented SureTight headrail provides tight closure for superior light and privacy control.
  • Backed by the Bali limited-lifetime warranty.
  • For customer safety, corded products have a finished cord length of 1/3 of the cord height.

Detailed Specifications
The following information insures a proper fit for installation of your new window covering treatments. Mounting requirements below are for standard options. Mounting requirements may vary based on the selected options.
Inside Mount Minimum Depth 3/4 " Outside Mount Flat Surface Height 1 1/2 "
Inside Flush Mount Minimum Depth 2 3/8 " Inside Mount Width Deductions 1/2 "
Specifications may vary based on the selected color and upgrades.
Corded Controls
Minimum Width 9 " Minimum Height 12 "
Maximum Width 96 " Maximum Height 120 "
Multiple Blinds Per Headrail
Maximum Width 2-on-1 120 "
The following methods can be safely used to clean your new window covering treatments.
Dusting Hand-Held Vacuuming
Compressed Air Spot-Cleaning
Bath tub Cleaning/Water Immersion Ultrasonic Cleaning
Injection/Extraction Cleaning Steaming
Measure & Installation
Measuring Tips
  • All of's window fashions are custom fabricated according to the dimensions given on your order.
  • Measurements must be exact to ensure a proper fit. For this reason measure to the nearest 1/8".
  • Always measure the exact window intended for the blind. Every window in your home is a unique opening and may differ in exact measurements.
  • For accurate measurements always use a 3/4" or 1" steel tape measure.
  • To eliminate mistakes first measure the width and write it down then measure the height and write it down.
  • Do not take any deductions for mounting clearance on inside mounts. Deductions will be taken by the manufacturers at the factory.
  • Please read the rest of our measuring guides and download our measuring worksheet. Links can be found below.

Inside Mount Video
Outside Mount Video
Printable Measuring Guides and Worksheet
Inside Mount + Worksheet
Outside Mount + Worksheet
Worksheet Only

Installation Guides